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Following Bally’s eviction from the Big Brother Naija house, the former contestant for the prize of N25 million has opened up on his reaction after finding out that Thin Tall Tony who was linked with Bisola and Tboss inside the house was married and has two kids.

The housemate who was evicted on Sunday began his media tour right after he landed in Nigeria and during an interview with Olisa and Osi of Beat FM, the ex-housemate revealed that the revelation came as a shock to him.

The ex-housemate noted that he had to put his career on hold for him to pursue other interests.

Speaking on Kemen and Tboss controversy which led to the eviction of Kemen, Bally said: “To be honest, I was really close to Kemen, so when i heard of his disqualification that night, it was kind of painful.

“And we kind of heard his story before he left, he just gave us a kind of brief idea of what happened and unfortunately, we were quick to judge Tboss that night and I felt really bad eventually after we heard about the whole thing.

“So to be honest, I’m one who is always for consent. Whenever things like that happen it’s not always a good thing or image for yourself.”

Speaking on TTT and his family, Bally said: “I had no idea! The only thing we knew was we kind of felt he had a kid, but we didn’t know he was married with children. So when I heard my jaws dropped ‘cos it was shocking to me.”

Reacting to question on whether something happened between TTT and Bisola, Bally said: “To be honest, I only found out about that after I left the house. We always use to see them cozying up and from time to time.”

Supporting other ex-housemate in voting Efe to win the competition, Bally said: “I think Efe has a great chance of winning. While I was in the house, he was my closest friend, up to leaving the house. It was good enough for me to come out and find out that he has a really huge following. So I do believe that he would win and I do hope he does win.”

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