If you ask most men, they will tell you that the d_ggy style is their favourite sex position. Not only does it feel good, it can do a lot to boost a dominant man’s ego. We wonder if the same could be said for women.

Some women enjoy getting it from behind just fine, while others might be facing a few challenges, like discomfort, not knowing how to participate, and some women even feel pain as the joystick hits the cervix. If this is your man’s favourite sex move and you are not loving it, this does not mean you have to suffer in silence.

Follow these tips to put d_ggy style at the top of your sex- style-scale of preference.

1. Lubricate: Having your guy lay a little spit on your bu_m can be a seriously sexy and slutty experience during doggy style. You may even be inspired to have a little ass play while you’re having s3x. Let your guy do a little backdoor action while he’s pounding away. Having your backside played with or penetrated with his finger or a toy can be a tantalizing experience when it comes to d_ggy, and may even inspire you to go over the edge

2. Find the position that works: Changing positions can make all the difference when it comes to doggy style. For example, you may find doggy a little more romantic if he enters you while you’re lying on your stomach. This way he’s able to caress and kiss you while the magic’s happening, not to mention it’s way easier for him to reach around and play with your clitoris while he goes at it.

3. Dirty Talk: D_ggy style is one of those positions that makes you feel absolutely dirty, likely due to its impersonal nature. Embracing a little dirty talk while you do the deed will make it feel that much naughtier.

4. Shallow Thrust: Have your guy use shallow, quick thrusts instead of long, deep penetration while you do the deed. Due to the sensitivity of the opening of the vagina, having your boyfriend do shallow thrusts will not only allow him to last a little longer, it’ll also do wonders to tickle your sweet spot. Shallow thrusts also gives you a chance to get used to him and know what your penetration limit is to prevent pain.