Mr and Mrs Tolani Oladipupo, the parents of Nigerian soldier Solape Oladipupo, who was brutally murdered by her colleague and lover, Bernard Kalu on Sunday, March 12, has revealed that there was a prophecy about their daughter’s death before the incident took place. They also revealed she has a daughter she left behind.

The parents revealed that they made frantic effort to prevent the cruel fate that befell their late daughter after they received a prophecy warning the deceased against engaging in any romantic relationship in her place of work.
Speaking to Sunday Sun, Mrs Oladipupo said that the family received a prophecy warning the deceased against engaging in any relationship with anybody at her base in Makurdi, as such relationship could spell doom for her.

According to her, the late Solape who was already dating Kalu, her eventual killer before the prophecy, was said to be working towards extricating herself from the doomed relationship when she was murdered.

Solape and her lover, Bernard Kalu

“We were given a prophecy in our church to tell her not to ever date anyone where she worked and we told her. That was when she decided to part ways with Kalu. We didn’t know it was going to lead to this. Even one of her uncles called her to tell her. I think that was how she took the bold step to tell Kalu she wasn’t interested in the relationship anymore. We didn’t know it would result in this. Her father and I gave her a stern warning not to ever get involved in any romantic relationship with anyone within her base,” she said.

The deceased’s mother was reported to have collapsed and fainted as the remains of her daughter were being lowered into the ground. However, Mr Tolani Oladidupo, who described her death as a huge loss said getting justice for the deceased would be a major source of succor for the family.

“Her death is a huge loss to us and we can’t just express how much of pains and agony we share as a family over the death of Solape. You can see that I am just trying to be a man, pacifying my wife and children. I insist that what can provide a kind of succour to us as a family is to see government do something about the case. I can say her death is our own sacrifice to the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We cannot wake her up again and I am not here to trade my late daughter, but the government should do the needful,” he said, insisting on death penalty for his daughter’s killer.

Late Solape was said to have given birth to a girl, who currently lives with her parents, when she was 16 years old.

My late daughter had a kid, says mother of slain Air Force woman. During a conversation with Sunday Sun, the woman revealed the following details:

How did you get the news of your daughter’s death?

When I received the news I became unconscious and fainted immediately. When I was resuscitated, it was still like a dream to me. I still spoke with her the day before she was murdered. I have lost over 70% weight, right now. When we were talking that night, she even said was going to speak with her daughter, and she did.

You mean she had a child already?

Yes (showing our reporter the child).

What’s the name of her child?

Her name is Bisola Ogunyemi.

And as it is now, how are you taking the loss?

The person who killed my daughter won’t go unpunished. He has said he was going to die too and he should be made to die. In a situation where Kalu’s family hires a lawyer to defend him, I will view it as an attempt to cheat us. I know justice would still prevail.