A politician in Anambra state, identified as Ikay Ogbonna, has taken everyone by surprise as he decided to adopt the eldest daughter of a woman, who died after gunpowder struck her.

Ikay and adopted orphan

The deceased woman

News has it that, the deceased Mrs Ukamaka Okeke was accidentally struck by gunpowder during a burial ceremony in Anambra state last month. The mother of three had been earning her living for decades by practicing the traditional gun shooting at events.

The politician was reported to have kicked off a donation sprout to sponsor a much-needed medical surgery for the widow at Orthopedic Hospital, Enugu. Sadly, Ukamaka died in hospital on Friday, March 10 and was buried the next day.

Ikay Ogbonna and his wife have now adopted the eldest daughter of Ukamaka, Chinaecherem Okeke, and promised to raise the orphan to university level, saying:

“The eldest daughter Chinaecherem Okeke (pictured here) is now the latest member of Ikechukwu Ogbonna family courtesy of my wife Ugo-Ikay Ogbonna and we will train her like our daughter till she is equipped enough to cater for her family and stand on her own. The first son will live with a teacher at Onitsha but will benefit from Dr Nnamdi Okafor’s scholarship package up to higher institution. The last baby that is barely 6-years-old will have a new home with Mrs. Ekwutozie Monyei Efobi who will cater for her upkeeps till she graduates from the university.”