A lady took to Instagram to cry over Don Jazzy. She has professed her love for him and doesn’t care who knows.

L – R: The lady who loves him and Mavin Boss Don Jazzy.

In case you didn’t know, Don Jazzy is hot cake and certified husband material. ladies from left and right are throwing are begging to be with him and a new lady, by the Instagram name stainless de worldqueen has professed her love to him.

She wrote: “God help me: Only if can believe that what I have for you is real. I don’t care who want to make fun of me because of my choice. I don’t care. As long as am concerned Michael Collins AJEREH (Don Jazzy) is my choice.”

“If what I feel right now is a dream I don’t wanna wake up. Don Jazzy please pick up the call na beg I dey oo.” She also posted a video fo herself crying, watch it below:

The lady is a mother (possibly single mother since she is looking for Don Jazzy) to three beautiful kids and as she said, she wants Don Jazzy as her next bae.

Her three kids

If you remember, Don Jazzy said he will get married in 2017, so if he doesn’t have Rihanna by his side yet or if he is still looking for, help him know this lady is on his matter.