– Joro Olumofin, the acclaimed relationship expert in Nigeria, has reached out to Nigerians on dating

– The love doctor who recently posted on his Instagram page said Nigerian ladies should go on dates with their natural hair and no makeup

Olumofin, a relationship expert reaches out to Nigerian ladies.

In this present time where makeup is trendy and every girl wants to look like Nicki Minaj or a Barbie doll, it may be really hard for us to see many girls who would be interested in keeping it plain when meeting men for the first time.

According to Olumofin, some men do not know what their girlfriends look like because they are mostly covered in makeup. He also stated that some men have never seen their women on natural hair before as women would rather buy weaves and fix than go on traditional hairstyles that would show their natural beauty.

As a matter of fact, over seventy percent of guys are thrilled when they see women who look natural; they are more interested in women who like ‘Asake’, ‘Aduke’ and ‘Adunni’ even though they want them to be as sophisticated as the posh ladies they see on their TV screens.

Olumofin’s word of admonishment to ladies is for them to be as natural as possible. He said they should let the guys see them as they truly are. He urged them to differentiate themselves from the plastics and Barbies in the society.

Men want ladies to be as real as possible even though they understand the latter have creative skills they want to display through their makeup.

Which is your fantasy, slaying with makeup or nay?